Presentation Schedule

Tuesday Morning

TUM01 First Digital Substation Application in Latin America According IEC 61850 Standard: SPP ATLAS JUAZEIRO 230kV M. de Andrade, Atlas Renewable Energy, Brazil; J. Oliveira, ABB Power Grid – Grid Automation Brazil, Brazil; P. Rietmann, ABB Power Grid, USA
TUM02 Extending ADMS and FLISR Applications
through CIM and IEC 61850 Harmonization
H. Falk, Outside The Box Consulting Services, USA; M. Adamiak, Adamiak Consulting, USA; E. Udren, S. Ward, Quanta Technology, LLC, USA
TUM03 Low-Cost Fast Bus Tripping Scheme Using High-Speed
Wireless Protection Sensors
E. McCollum, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, USA; K. Hao, S. V. Achanta, J. Blair, D. Keckalo, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUM04 Do We Need to Apply Cyber Security for Distribution Networks?
Investigating Challenges and Solutions
E. Weerathunga, M. Kanabar, GE Grid Solutions, Canada
TUM05 Virtual testing with a Digital Twin of Protection Devices in the Cloud C. Harispuru, Siemens AG, Germany; S. Rösler, Siemens Industry, USA
TUM06 Moving Analytics from Ideas to Production at Warp Speed M. Bariya, University of California Berkeley, USA; S. P. Murphy, PingThings, Inc., USA; K. D. Jones, Dominion Energy Virginia, USA; T. Laughner, PowerGrid-RX Inc, USA; M. Andersen, University of California Berkeley, South Africa
TUM07 From Classic RTU to Digital Substation H. Tautor, WAGO, Germany
TUM08 Investigation into a Double-Circuit Line Fault using the Mutual Coupling Impedance M. Pikisch, OMICRON electronics USA, R. Luxenburger, OMICRON electronics, Germany
TUM09 Addressing the Challenges of Building a Fully Automated Fault Location System M. Anderson, J. Sykes, PG&E, USA; J. Holbach, E. Udren, D. Novosel, X. Dong, Quanta Technology, USA
TUM10 Instrument Transformer Frequency Response Considerations in MV Applications R. Pate,
D. Raschka,
M. Hrabcik, ABB, Inc., USA
Tuesday Afternoon
TUA01 Use of IEC 61850 Test Capabilities to Implement Hot Standby Systems J. Saunier, S. Vigouroux, GE Grid Solutions, France; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA
TUA02 Cybersecurity Study of Power System Utilizing Advanced CPS Simulation Tools L. Zhang, S. Li, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc., Canada; L. Wihl, SCALABLE Network Technologies, USA; M. Kazemtabrizi, S. Qaseem Ali, J.-N. Paquin, S. Labbé, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc., Canada
TUA03 Preparing for the IEC 61850 Amendment B. Muschlitz, NovaTech, USA
TUA04 Application of IEC 61850 Communication in Wide-Area Special Protection Scheme M. Efremov, S. Nejat, Hydro One Networks Inc., Canada
TUA05 Conformance Errors in COMTRADE Records Z. Makki, Softstuf Inc., USA
TUA06 Implementation and Evaluation of IEC 61850-Based Distributed Control System for Microgrid Applications A. Kondabathini, D. Ishchenko, ABB Inc., USA; M. Filippone, ABB S.p.A., Italy; A. Brissette, ABB Inc., USA
TUA07 Impact of Instrument Transformer Input Methods on Protection Functions – A Detailed Performance Analysis D. Mani, Megger, USA; V. Shanmugasundaram, Power Grid Engineering, USA; L. Nguyen, Megger, USA
TUA08 IEC 61850 Configuration Tools with Lessons Learned B. Smith, R. Barton, Southern California Edison, USA
TUA09 Overcurrent Protection Coordination in Automated Distribution Feeders K. Houser, Mesa Associates Inc., USA; M. Stinnett, Knoxville Utilities Board, USA; A. Smit, S. Chanda, A. Stinskiy, Siemens Industry Inc., USA
TUA10 Design of Remote Generator Synchronizing Panels for Refinery Cogeneration K. Gray, C. Strope, K. Bennett, POWER Engineers, USA
TUA11 Traveling Wave Relay Application, Commissioning, and Initial Experience A. Sivesind, F. J. Sanchez, Salt River Project, USA; S. Cooper, F. Elhaj, OMICRON electronics, USA
TUA12 Teleprotection Solutions with Guaranteed Performance using Packet Switched Wide Area Communication Networks R. Bächli ABB Switzerland, Switzerland; G. Paes, ABB Inc, USA; M. Kranich ABB Switzerland, Switzerland
Wednesday Morning
WEM01 CT Saturation – a Simulation Study of Different Detection Algorithms I. Voloh, GE Grid Solutions, Canada; C.-P. Teoh, Li Zou, GE Grid Solutions, UK; K.-H. Amran, GE Grid Solutions, Malaysia; K. Jalal Abdul Jalil, TNB, Malaysia
WEM02 Automated Fault Location Analysis – Analytics Update II R. Maxwell, R. Dixon, FirstEnergy Service Company, USA; H. Falk, OTB Consulting Inc., USA; P. Myrda, Electric Power Research Inst., USA
WEM03 NERC PRC-005 Compliance Made Easy with Digital Substations V. Chhibbar, J. Chang, ABB Inc., Canada; H. Sidhu, AltaLink Management Ltd., Canada
WEM04 Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems under the Standard IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 K. Martin, EPG; A. Goldstein, NIST; G. Brunello, GE; R. Das, GE; B. Dickerson, Arbiter; Y. Hu, Quanta Technology; S. Luo, Schneider; D. Ouellette, RTDS; B. Shi, Sifang; E. Udren, Quanta Technology; USA & Canada
WEM05 Decentralized Distribution Automation System – Scalability and Deployment Challenges B. Pham, E. Nunnally, C. Huff, N. Duong – Southern California Edison, USA; A. Smit, A. Stinskiy – Siemens Industry, USA
WEM06 Mitigating Carrier Holes in Power Line Carrier T. Bell, Ametek-Pulsar Products, USA
WEM07 UCAIug Update H. Falk, UCAIug, USA
WEM08 DNP3 Certification Testing Process – Improving Interoperability with DNP3 Conformance Testing A. West, SUBNet, Australia
WEM09 New Approach for Detecting Cyber Intrusions in IEC 61850 Substations A. Klien, F. Steinhauser, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEM10 Digital Substation: The Future is Now – Addressing Your Cybersecurity Fears S. Kunsman, ABB, USA; R. Kimura, Altalink, Canada; P. Rietmann, ABB, USA
WEM11 Secured Substation Protection and Automation IED Firmware Management A. Cioraca, M. Kanabar, GE Grid Solutions, Canada
WEM12 Multipoint-to-Multipoint Protective Relaying Signaling using Digital Communications and Built-In Logic D. G. Williams, B. M. Dob, A. G. Morinec, IEEE, USA
Wednesday Afternoon
WEA01 IEC 61850 GOOSE Based Inter Substation Protection R. Bächli ABB, Switzerland; G. Paes, ABB Inc, USA; M. Kranich ABB, Switzerland
WEA02 A Fast Fault Locating and Isolating Scheme For Sub-Transmission Lines Using GOOSE Messaging M. Baran – North Carolina State University, USA; A. Smit – Siemens Industry Inc., USA; B. Baskaran, S. Jayaram, S. Lad, North Carolina State University, USA
WEA03 IEC 61850 Network Cybersecurity: Mitigating GOOSE Message Vulnerabilities M. Gadelha da Silveira, P. Henrique Franco, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEA04 How the Engineering Design Process Can Simplify the Testing of Automation and Control Systems E. Carvalheira, OMICRON electronics, USA; A. Klien, OMICRON electronics, Austria
WEA05 A Centralized Protection and Control System using a Well Proven Transmission Class Protection Relay C.-P. Teoh, GE Grid Solutions, UK; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA; G. Rebollar, GE Grid Solutions, France; G. Lloyds, GE Grid Solutions, UK
WEA06 Point Fault Analysis A. I. Ferreira Neto, Process, Brazil; R. De Assis Rodrigues, PSI Energy, Brazil
WEA07 Testing IEC-61850 Sampled Values-Based Transformer Differential Protection Scheme M. Sharma, L. Nguyen, S. Kuber, Megger, USA; D. Baradi, ABB Inc., USA
WEA08 Island Detection in Refinery Cogeneration K. Gray, D. Jones, K. Bennett, POWER Engineers, USA
WEA09 Commissioning Testing in Substations with Optical Sensors A. Apostolov, PAC World, USA
WEA10 Digital Substations – A Journey, Not A Destination D. Tessier, Tesco Automation Ltd., Canada
WEA11 Using Real Time Digital Simulations to Avoid Relay Misoperations on a 500 kV Transmission Line Relaying Scheme J. Holbach, Quanta Technology, USA; S. McKenzie, Phasor Engineering, Canada
WEA12 Testing Busbar Protection (BBP) Systems Using Process Bus Technology C.-P. Teoh, GE Grid Solutions, UK; R. Hunt, GE Grid Solutions, USA; C. Pritchard, OMICRON electronics, Austria; H. Vardhan, GE Grid Solutions, USA
Thursday Morning
THM01 IEC 61850 and IEEE 2030.5: A Comparison of 2 Key Standards for DER Integration: An Update J. Mater, S. Kang, QualityLogic, USA; R. Simpson, GE Grid Solutions, USA
THM02 Real-time Synchrophasor Applications to Support Power System Operations L. Zhang, K. Martin, N. Nayak, I. Singh, Electric Power Group, USA; I. Dobson, Iowa State University, USA; A. Bose, Washington State University, USA; D. Sobajic, Grid Engineering LLC, USA
THM03 Solving The Nightmare of Unmanaged User Accounts in Digitalized Industrial Environments With Central Account Management According to IEC 62351-8 F. Hohlbaum, R. Deverson, ABB Power Grid, Switzerland; P. Rietmann, ABB Inc., USA
THM04 A Brave New World – Substation Networks for Relay Engineers J. Bettler, Commonwealth Edison CO, USA
THM05 Verification of an IEC61850 based Selective Tripping Scheme Utilizing System Based Testing S. Harrison, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, UK; C. Pritchard, OMICRON Electronics GmbH, Austria
THM06 IEC 61850 Digital Substation Design Tutorial for Novices H. Vardhan, GE Grid Solutions, USA; A. Riccardo Jr., National Grid, USA
Backup01 The Challenges of Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery A. Apostolov, PAC World, USA

*Paper was not available to be part of the CD at time of publishing