Presentation Schedule

Hogwash – Debunking the myth
that NERC CIP is a case against IEC 61850
Steven A Kunsman, Peter Rietmann, ABB, USA
TUM02 Commissioning a Sub-Harmonic
Protection IED Using Advanced Testing Tools
R. Midence, A. Oliveira, N. Perera, ERLPhase, Power Technologies Ltd, Canada; E. Carvalheira, OMICRON electronics, USA; K. Donaldson, OMICRON electronics, Canada
TUM03 Improving Security and
Reliability at a Nuclear Station
D. Parks, Entergy Grand Gulf Nuclear, USA; M. King, O. Rozo, L. Morales, E.Stranz, Siemens, USA
TUM04 New Intelligent Direct
Transfer Trip Over Cellular Communication
J. A. Key, J. Watson, Central VA Electrical Cooperative, USA; T. Fix, Dominion Energy Power, USA; A. Smit, S. Chanda, Siemens
Industry Inc., USA
Inaccurate Line Drop
Compensation Calculation with High Penetration of DERs Results in
Distribution Voltage Control Problems
Murty Yalla, Beckwith Electric, USA
TUM06 IEC61850 Interoperability:
Use of Tools – Key to Success
S.T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
TUM07 Deployment and evaluation of
PTPv2 in a PRP network
G. Silvano, H. Rachadel, M. Dalmas, GE Grid Solutions LCC, Brazil;
R. Hunt, T. Smith, GE Grid Solutions LLC, USA
TUM08 Challenges in the Upgrade of
Custom-Built Protection, Automation and Control Systems
É. Thibodeau, Gentec, Canada; F. Desrochers, Hydro-Québec, Canada
TUM09 Testing Not Just for Vendor
A. Moniz, National Grid, USA
TUM10 Regression Test Approach For
Maintenance Testing – A Secure Method To Detect Defective
R. Marenbach, M. Albert, OMICRON electronics Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Lessons Learned While
Commissioning a 100MVA, 400kV/220kV Transformer with Restricted
Earth Fault Protection: A Case Study and Analysis.
Dhanabal Mani, Megger, USA; Vijay
Shanmugasundaram, Power Grid Engineering LLC , USA
TUA02 Qualitative Redundancy B. Muschlitz, NovaTech, USA
TUA03 Optimizing and Integrating
Transformer / Feeder Protection & Control Including Operations
Benton Vandiver, Peter Rietmann, ABB, USA
TUA04 Process Bus Busbar Protection
– A Novel Solution to Eliminate Conventional Busbar Protection
Constraints and a Stepping Stone Towards Digital Substations
C. P. Teoh, P. Newman, G. Lloyd, H. Qin, GE Power
Grid Solution, UK; R. Hunt, J. Mendez, T. Smith, GE Power Grid Solution, Canada
TUA05 Sharing Direct Fiber Channels
Between Protection and Enterprise Applications Using Wavelength
Division Multiplexing
J. Sykes, D. Day, K. Fennelly, Pacific Gas and
Electric Company, USA; V. Skendzic, N. Fischer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUA06 Centralized Substation
Protection & Control Systems with 100% Redundancy
S. M. Taboada, Siemens EM Digital Grid, USA
TUA07 Holistic Security R. Moxley, W. Credle, Siemens, USA
TUA08 Applying Graph Theory to
Power System Topology
K. Gray, E. Mitchell, POWER Engineers, USA
TUA09 Optimal Placement and Sizing
of Distributed Generation in a Radial Distribution System Using
Differential Evolution Algorithm
A. Ghaweta, Y. Liao, University of Kentucky, USA
TUA10 VHPready – The Standard
Protocol in Smart Grids
H. Tautor, F. Haltenhof, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Improved Protection and
Control Testing utilizing IEC 61850
Bharadwaj Vasudevan, ABB, USA; Tim Walker,
OMICRON, USA; Benton Vandiver, ABB, USA
TUA12 A Domain-Based Cyber Security
for Protective Relay Settings in Electric Power Systems
R. Nuqui, J. Hong, D. Coats, A. Kondabathini, D.
Ishchenko, ABB US Corporate Research Center (CRC), USA
WEM01 Study of P Class Phasor
Measurements during Fault Conditions and Impact on Analysis
A. Madhyastha, AMETEK Power Instruments, India
WEM02 Automated Evaluation of
Protection Modeling for Wide-Area Protection Studies and PRC-027
Compliance – National Grid Saudi Arabia Case
M. T. Al-Saba, NGSA, USA; D. Hart, S, Alaeddini, I. Anand, D. Li, M. Malki, J. Velez, Quanta Technology, USA
WEM03 UCA Update Results from the
2017 IEC 61850 IOP
H. Falk, UCA Users Group, USA
WEM04 New Methods for Testing
Automation and Control
A. Klien, T. Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria
WEM05 Implementation of Test Mode
in IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2
D. Baradi, ABB Inc., USA
WEM06 Automated Fault Location
Analysis – Analytics Update
R. Maxwell, R. Dixon, FirstEnergy Service Company, USA; M. Gehrs, Gehrs Consulting Inc., USA; P.Myrda, Electric Power Research Inst, USA
WEM07 News From the Editor –
Updates and Enhancements to Process Bus IEC 61850-9-2 and Related
V. Skendzic, D. Dolezilek, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEM08 Adaptive Protection System
with On-line Protection Security Assessment in Networks with
Highly Integrated DERs
Ashok Gopalakrishnan, Yaming Zhu, Wayne Dias, Siemens PTI, USA; Rainer Krebs, Reza Ganjavi, Martin Mangold, Siemens PTI, Germany
WEM09 Advanced Distribution
Automation Application with Mis-Coordination Correction Algorithm
Based on Neural Network
B. Pham, C. Huff, N. Duong, Southern California Edison, USA; A. Smit, A. Stinskiy, S. Chanda, Siemens Industry, USA
WEM10 Estimation of Positive
Sequence Line Parameters of Medium-Length Transmission Line Using
L. Mustafa, L. Yuan, University of Kentucky, USA; I. Sarmad, University of Babylon, Iraq
WEM11 Increasing PV Hosting
Capacity in Distribution Feeders using Dynamic VAr Controllers
F. Wong, R. Ueda, M. Asano, Hawaiian Electric Company, USA; H. Chun, K. Rahimi, R. Moghe, D. Tholomier, Varentec Inc., USA
WEM12 Relay Event File Analysis U. Amirthanesan, PSD Energy, Australia
WEA01 Directional Element Design
for Protecting Circuits with Capacitive Fault and Load Currents
M. Benitez, Joe Xavier, K. Smith, D. Minshall, ABB Inc, USA
WEA02 A Utility’s Perspective on
Transitioning to Testing and Commissioning IEC 61850 Protection
and Control Systems
M. Thompson, C. Araujo, K. Christensen, National Grid, USA
Advanced Protective Relaying
for Power Distribution Feeders
Shenxing Shi, Tsinghua University, China
WEA04 Challenges and Approach
Automating Disturbance Records Collection & IED Management
Viju N. R., Kalkitech, India; S. T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
WEA05 Synchrophasor Implementation
to Establish Dynamic Line Rating Paired with Adaptive Distance
Relaying Protection
C. Postma, University of Missouri—Kansas City & POWER
Engineers, Inc., USA
WEA06 History Rhymes Andrew West, SUBNET Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia
WEA07 Fuses or Relays – An Updated
S. Taboada, Siemens Digital Grid, USA
WEA08 Unrevealing the Power of
Substation Configuration Description
P. Rietmann, S. Kunsman, ABB Inc., USA
WEA09 New Possibilities for Testing
Superimposed Quantities and Traveling-Wave based Protection
C. Pritchard, H. Lampl, T. Hensler, OMICRON electronics GmbH,
WEA10 Real-Time Simulation of a
Microgrid Control System using MODBUS Communication
S. Kariyawasam, D. R. Gurusinghe, D. S. Ouellette, RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada
WEA11 Application and Staged
Testing of the Travelling Wave Fault Locator at Extra-Long HVDC
A. Becker Soeth Jr, P. Renato Freire de Souza – GE Grid Solutions LLC, Brasil; D. Totti Custódio – Interligação Elétrica do Madeira S.A, Brazil; I. Voloh, GE Grid Solutions LLC, Canada; R. Hunt, Terrence Smith, GE Grid Solutions LLC, USA
Assessment of Protection
Functionality and Performance with Respect to Declining System
Fault Levels and Inertia due to a Significant Increase of Inverter
Based Generation on National Grid’s Transmission System in the
United Kingdom
J. Holbach, S. Ward, B. Gwyn, Quanta Technology, USA
THM01 Tutorial on Networking for
Digital Substations
R. Hunt – GE Grid Solutions LLC, USA; M. Zapella,
C. Pimentel, G. Silvano, GE Grid Solutions LLC, Brazil; T.
Smith, GE Grid Solutions LLC, USA
THM02 Testing of a Flexible
Directional Protection Element Applied to Distance Protection
N. Perera, ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd.,
Canada; B. Badrzadeh, AEMO, Melbourne, Australia
THM03 Nested Microgrids for
Increased Grid Resiliency
D. Ishchenko, A.Kondabathini, J. Hong, A.
Brissette, M. Cintuglu, ABB Inc., USA
THM04 Online Adaptive Efficient
Optimum Coordination of Overcurrent Relays Using Differential
K. Xu, Y. Liao, University of Kentucky, USA
THM05 Site Acceptance Testing of a
Duke Energy Distribution Automation Project Utilizing a Simulation
Based Test Approach
E. Keller & B. Westphal, G&W Electric
Company, USA; P. C. Hoffman & J. Hart, Duke Energy, USA;
C. Pritchard, R. Wang, S. Cooper, OMICRON electronics, USA
THM06 FOCS – Improved Measurement
Performance for Digital Substations for Future Grid and
Interesting Applications using Digital Substation Technology
A. Vujanic, N. Powers, Y. Liu, ABB, USA
Backup Presentations
Backup01 IEC 61850 GOOSE Applications
to the Protection of Three Terminal Lines
A. Apostolov, PAC World, USA
Backup02 Performance Analysis of
Distance Protection Using Different Impedance Calculation Methods
M. Sharma, D. Mani, Megger, USA; V. Shanmugasundaram, Power Grid
Engineering LLC, USA
Unlocking Increased Relay
Control Software Functionality using Automated Application Drivers
Alan Lytz, SUBNET Solutions, Canada

*Paper was not available to be part of the CD at time of publishing