Initial list of Accepted Presentation

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# Abstract Title*
PW01 Merging Unit Based Solution for Full Switchyard Digitization
PW02 Effects of Time Synchronization in Digital Substation Protection
PW03 A Centralized Protection and Control System for Distribution Digital Substations
PW04 Study of Battery Energy Storage System in a Weak Distribution Grid with Distributed Energy Generation Penetration
PW05 Practical Application of EM Mitigation for Substation Protection Systems
PW06 Evaluation of the impact of SVC in stabilizing voltage in a power grid: case of the Ivory Coast North power grid
PW07 Multivendor Process Bus Pilot Project with interoperability
PW08 CPC Architectures for Small Distribution Substations
PW09 Testing a Process Bus Based Multi Zone Protective Relay
PW10 Reliable Protective Relay Coordination Considering Grid Dynamics
PW11 Application aware visibility into Automation and Control Networks based on IEC 61850
PW12 Using Synchrophasors for a Wind farm response analysis on system disturbances in Brazilian Interconnected Power System
PW14 Test Strategy for Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) Functions in a Fully Digital Substation Based on IEC 61850 Applications
PW15 IEC Protocols and LWM2M complement each other in Smart Metering
PW16 Application, Configuration, and Testing of GOOSE Cable Protection Scheme
PW17 Power System Disturbances and IEC 61850-7-420 Operational Functions
PW18 Automated Fault Location Analysis – Analytics Update III
PW19 Testing & Commissioning of Digital Substation – IEC 61850-9-2 LE complied IEDs & Merging Units
PW20 Communication Network Fault Analysis – When Things Go Wrong
PW21 DER Feedback Loop Control System Using Distributed Communications
PW22 Flattening the Grid
PW23 Distribution Fault Location on Overhead Lines using Cloud technology
PW24 Wideband Voltage Sensors For The Modern Substation
PW25 Monitoring Power System Poles
PW26 ARPA-E Project – National Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence on the Grid.
PW27 Improving a Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) system in a digital IEC 61850 substation: The case of San Miguel Digital Substation
PW28 Software Defined Networking Design Considerations
PW29 A Review of the IEC 61850 Engineering Process
PW30 Solving Performance and Cybersecurity Challenges in Substation and Industrial Networks With Software-Defined Networking
PW31 Using Real‐Time Testing Tools to Baseline the Performance of OT Networks for High-Speed Communications
PW32 Multi-Terminal Permissive Overreaching Transfer Trip (POTT) Scheme Using IEC 61850 GOOSE Messaging
PW33 Practical Application of EM Mitigation for Substation Protection Systems
PW34 New high-speed method to detect broken overhead conductors.
PW35 A Virtual Synchronous Generator Approach to Resolving Microgrid and Battery Protection Challenges
PW36 Functional Testing Non-Standardized IEC 61850 Features for Practical Applications
PW37 Cost/Benefit Analysis for IEC 61850 implementation
PW38 Developing Primary and Protection Model Maintenance Approach for NERC PRC-027
PW39 Improving Protection Applications for Modern Distribution Switchgear Systems
PW40 Benefits of using IEC 61850 messages for testing conventional protection schemes
PW41 Substation HMI design for Silicon Valley Power
PW42 Benefit of Simultaneously Monitoring Cybersecurity and System Protection
PW43 Cybersecurity Risk Management in the Supply Chain
PW44 need title
PW45 Experiences in design and commissioning of a secure substation network architecture
PW46 Testing Automation and Control- Test Cases and Test Automation
PW47 WASA and the Roadmap to WAMPAC at SDG&E
PW48 Utilizing IEC61850 standard for the circuit based wide area distribution automation system
PW49 Testing of transformer protection with time-domain inrush detection elements
PW50 Using and Securing Routable GOOSE for Wide Area Protection in Centralized Remedial Action Systems.
PW51 Power Sensor Considerations in Protection and Control Applications
PW52 Benefits of using point-on-wave controller for a pumped-storage application

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