Advisory Committee

To ensure that the PAC World magazine and conference are at a high level that meets the needs of the industry, we have invited world known experts in the field of electric power systems protection, automation and control as members of the magazine Advisory Board and the conference Advisory Committee.

They help us with their ideas, comments and suggestions to improve the content and quality of the magazine and the conference.

The members of the PAC World Advisory Board and the PAC World Conference Advisory Committee are (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Peter Crossley (UK)

Prof. Xinzhou Dong (China)

Jorge Miguel Ordacgi Filho (Brazil)

Rodney Hughes (Australia)

Prof. Paul Lee (Korea)

Rannveig Loken (Norway)

Dr. Damir Novosel (USA)

Dr. Iony Patriota (Brazil)

Prof. Mohindar Sachdev (Canada)

Graeme Topham (South Africa)

Christoph Brunner (Switzerland)

Dr. Volkar Leitloff (France)

Conference coordinator

For any issues and questions related to the organization of the PACW Conference plese e-mail to Angela Sayegh