Paper Presentation Schedule

If you’d like to download the paper schedule:

Tuesday Morning (TUM)

TUM01*Modern Switchgear using Multi-Object PAC SystemsB. Vandiver, Hitachi Energy, USA
TUM02LUMA Energy Distribution Feeder Protection Modernization ProjectC. T. Ocasio Rodríguez, J. Aguilar, LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico; A. Smit, H. Self, T. Fix, J. Hudson, B. Zarovniaev, Quanta Technology, USA
TUM03Comparison of Processes for Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Methods – Digital Versus Conventional SubstationsC. Wester, M. Ramlachan, GE Grid Solutions, USA; E. Carvalheira, OMICRON electronics, USA
TUM04New Approach to Cloud-based End-to-End Testing of Line Differential ElementsA. Gonzalez, Megger, Canada; D. Mani, S. C. Reddy Thota, Megger, USA
TUM05Accurate Multi-Ended Fault Locating Algorithm Using Incremental Sequence QuantitiesA. Shrestha, S. Kumar Mutha, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUM06GNSS VulnerabilityD. Arnold, W. Abt, Meinberg USA, USA; Roel de Vries, Fugro, Belgium
TUM07A Review of Current Protection Testing PracticesS. Cooper, OMICRON, USA
TUM08Frequency Tracking Function in Numerical Protection Devices – Applications and BenefitsA. Stinskiy, E. de Oliveira, Siemens, USA
TUM09Transformer Ground Differential Element Behavior with CT Error and Analysis of a Misoperation EventA. Saad, Quanta Technology LLC, USA; J. Hughes, Qualus, USA; S. Barnes, T. Condra, Tennessee Valley Authority, USA
TUM1015 Years Continuous Journey Securing and Managing Edge DevicesA. Hamdon, J. Atkins, SUBNET Solutions Inc., Canada

Tuesday Afternoon (TUA)

TUA01Advancing the Unified Grid Control Platform ConceptE. A. Udren, R. Hunt, Quanta Technology LLC, USA; P. Myrda, EPRI, USA; H. Falk, Outside the Box Consulting, USA
TUA02One Utility’s Experience: IEEE Std 1547™ MIC Devices to Meet the Grid’s Distributed Energy Resource Interface NeedsTJ Stenger, A. O. Katigbak, D. Adams, Duke Energy, USA
TUA03Reducing Risk, Cost,and Development Time using Functional SimulationS. Shanghavi, Schneider Electric, USA; D. Goughnour, J. Moore, Triangle MicroWorks, Inc., USA
TUA04Optimization of Distance Protection Performance used in Wind Farms’ Collection NetworksA. TSYLIN, Ørsted, Denmark; Z. GAJIĆ, Hitachi Energy, Sweden; M. KOCKOTT, Hitachi Energy, USA
TUA05Case Study: Defining and Measuring Protection Signal Transfer Speed, Latency, and Reliability Within Digital Trip CircuitsM. Ross, J. Bettler, Commonwealth Edison, USA; A. Sprenger, Puget Sound Energy, USA; J. Silva, Southern California Edison, USA; A. Wade, D. Dolezilek,, M. Silveira, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
TUA06Real-time In-line Testing for Virtual Protection Systems and IEC61850 NetworksS. T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
TUA07State of Affairs with the Standardization and Testing of IEC 61850 based VPAC SystemsDustin Tessier, Tesco Automation, Canada; Darren De Ronde, Tesco Automation, USA

Tuesday Afternoon – After the Break – Utilty Panel

Topic: Impact of IBRs on Transmission Protection
o Jonathan Sykes (Quanta Technology) – Moderator
o Jason Eruneo (Duke)
o Rich Bauer (NERC)
o Paul Martini (National Grid)
o Juergen Holbach (Quanta Technology)
o Bogdan Kasztenny (SEL)

Wednesday Morning (WEM)

WEM01Precision Timing in the Infrastructure as a Foundation for Better PAC Systems.F. Steinhauser, OMICRON, Austria
WEM02Experience with IEC 61850-7-500 from the 2021/2022 UCAIug IOPK. Gray, C. Dyer, POWER Engineers, Inc., USA; S. Karimi, POWER Engineers, Inc., Canada
WEM03Short-Circuit Updates in Con Edison’s Power System: Methodology, Challenges, and Lessons LearnedH. Camara, G. Goddard, Con Edison Company of NY, Inc, USA; M. Malki, J. Li, J. Velez, Quanta Technology, LLC, USA
WEM04Complete Monitoring Solution to Improve Reliability and Performance of Digital Secondary SystemsA. Kotryk, Companhia Paranaense de Energia, Brazil; E.  Goncalves, R. Abboud, M. Silveira, P. Lima, V. Ferrari, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.; Brazil and USA
WEM05Non-intrusive Transformer Asset Health Monitoring and Loss of Life AnalysisA. Venkateswaran, M. Kockott, Hitachi Energy, USA
WEM06Detection Algorithm for High Impedance Faults with Downed ConductorX. Meng, S. Chandra, D. Ishchenko, M. Nowak, S. Talukder, Eaton Corporation, USA
WEM07How to Reduce IEC61850 Engineering Effort and Time using Virtual IEDs and BaysS. T. Jose, ASE / Kalkitech, USA
WEM08High Speed Switching Systems for Reliability on Medium Voltage:
An Updated Approach to Protection and Control Testing and Commissioning – A Utility’s Experience
A. Lilly, B. Hosseini, A. Katigbak, L. Soliman, D. Adams, Duke Energy, USA; C. Kidd, Schweitzer Engineering Labs, USA; C. Jegues, RTDS Technologies, Canada
WEM09Infrared & AI Focused Asset Performance Management (APM) with IEC61850 MMS IntegrationJ. Nam, R. Harada, A. Rizzo, R. Midence, V. Vartolomei, Systems With Intelligence, Canada
WEM10Some Practicalities of Applying DFRs in IEC 61850 SubstationsR. Hunt, H. Self, Quanta Technology, LLC, USA
WEM11Optimized Distribution Protection & ControlW. Hartmann, C. Wester, GE Grid Solutions, USA
WEM12*Protection and Centralization in a Virtualized EnvironmentH. Falk, OTB Consulting, USA; P. Myrda, EPRI, USA

Wednesday Afternoon (WEA)

WEA01Understanding the Impact of Time Inaccuracy on Synchrophasors, Traveling-Wave Fault Locating, and Line Current Differential ProtectionA. Shrestha, P. Nadkar, J. Fultz, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEA02Automating Transmission Line Constants Calculation for Improved EfficiencyYifan Wang(Quanta Technology, Canada); Sagar Karki (Quanta Technology, USA); Luis Polanco (LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico); Alejandro Hernandez(LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico); Majida Malki(Quanta Technology, USA)
WEA03OpenFault Trace Tool – GTC Case StudiesL. Hartzog, M. Browning, J. Lowery, GTC, USA; T. Laughner, Lifescale Analytics, USA
WEA04Prioritizing Information Security Risks in Grid Control Centre IT and OT Systems:A Comprehensive Risk-Based Vulnerability ManagementM. D. Kumar, Y. Prasanth, R. Anumasula, T. R. Ganesh, S. P. Kumar, K. Muralikrishna, Grid Controller of India Limited, India
WEA05LAN Design Considerations and Testing Procedures for the Digital SubstationS. McCreery, OMICRON, Canada
WEA06Enhancing Timekeeping in the Power Industry through Multi-Constellation GNSS SystemsJ. Anderson, C. Seibel, NovaTech Automation, Germany
WEA07Communication Bandwidth Considerations for Digital Substation ApplicationsJ. Groat, Hitachi Energy, USA; G. Antonova, Hitachi Energy, Canada
WEA08Comparative Analysis of the Distribution Lines Falling Conductor Protection MethodsM. Webster, A. Marquez, K. Tran, A. Torres – Southern California Edison Company, USA; C. Adewole, D. Ransom, GE Grid Solutions, USA
WEA09Maintaining Precise Time for Power System Applications in the Event of Wide Area Loss of GPSD. Williams, Burns & McDonnell, USA; R. Jodrie, Syncworks, USA; K. Fodero, P. Robertson, C. Huntley, M. Elshafi, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEA10Practical Considerations for Testing Generator Synch FunctionsM. Wilson, J. Loyd, Megger, USA
WEA11Reducing Transformer In Rush Current during Energization by using Point_On_Wave SwitchingA. Soroush, SIEMENS, USA
WEA12Automated Relay Testing and ManagementH. Khani, J. Wagner, Quanta Technology, Canada; R. Perera, W. Wang: Hydro One Networks Inc., Canada

Thursday Morning (THM)

THM01Slingshot Disconnection! Understanding the Effect of Disconnecting an Un-stabilized Ungrounded SourceS. Billaut, A. Miles, J. Steele, J. Johnson, Commonwealth Associates, Inc., USA; S. Miller, Energy Emissions Intelligence, USA; K. Banerjee, Eversource, USA
THM02Lessons Learned From Commissioning of IEC 61850 9-2 Process Bus-Based Busbar Protection SystemR. Karmaker, Power Grid Company of Bangladesh​, Bangladesh; J. Monzi Mathew, D. Dolezilek, M. Katuru, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
THM03Automated Protection Engineering Process from Standards and Simulation Studies to IED ConfigurationCharles Adewole, Eric Chua, Nathan Dunn – GE Grid Solutions
Ed Wong, Arturo Torres – Southern California Edison Company
THM04*UCAIug UpdateH. Falk – USA
THM05Identification of Non-Redundant Components of the Consolidated Edison Protection System  for TPL-001-5K. Judd, S. Rabiee,
M. Malki, J. Schmidt, Quanta Technology, LLC., USA; B. Varughese, Consolidated Edison, USA
THM06Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Grid Protection and ControlK. T. Akindeji, K. Moloi, Durban University of Technology, South Africa

Expert Panel Discussion will follow the morning break.

Backup Papers

Backup01Protection and Control Challenges of Low Voltage Networks with High Distributed Energy Resources PenetrationZ. Cheng, E. Udren, J. Holbach, Quanta Technology, USA; M. Reno, M. Ropp, Sandia National Lab, USA
Backup02IEEE Standard C37.92-2023 – Simplified Relay Input Interfacing and TestingE. A. Udren, Quanta Technology LLC, USA
Backup03The Value of the Post-Event Analysis from IED DataS. E. Vega Blasini, LUMA, USA; J. Holbach, Quanta Technology, USA
Backup04Functional Security – a New Way To Protect the GridA. Apostolov, PAC World, USA