Paper Presentation Schedule

Tuesday Morning (TUM)

TUM01Communication Network Fault Analysis – When Things Go WrongB. Muschlitz, NovaTech, USA
TUM02Adaptive Transmission Line Autoreclosing and the Effects on System StabilityI. Voloh, M. Kanabar, GE Grid Solutions, Canada; S. Richards, S. Swain, GE Grid Solutions, UK
TUM03Lessons learned from security assessment of OT networksE. Carvalheira, OMICRON, USA
TUM04Review of Digital Substation Communication TechnologiesG. S. Antonova, S. Sastry, B. Vasudevan, Hitachi Energy, Canada and USA
TUM05Utilizing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as a Foundational Component of a Grid’s ModernizationD. G. Hart, J. Romero Agüero, Quanta Technology, USA; A. Paaso, LUMA Energy, USA
TUM06Modernizing a Distribution Grid: Lessons Learned 6 years into Oncor’s DA DeploymentJ. Preas, Oncor Electric Delivery, USA
TUM07What’s the Rush? Can IBRs Handle Inrush Like Rotating Machines?S. C. Billaut, A. R. Miles, Commonwealth Associates, Inc, USA
TUM08UCA UpdateH. Falk, UCA International Users Group, USA
TUM09Transmission Line Falling Conductor Protection System Development at SDG&EE. A. Udren, Quanta Technology LLC, USA; T. Rahman, San Diego Gas & Electric Co., USA
TUM10Digital in an Analog WorldA. West, SubNet, Australia

Tuesday Afternoon (TUA)

TUA01Identity Management Schemes at Risk PACS Authentication AbuseD. K. Holstein, OPUS Consulting Group, USA; I. Patriota de Siqueira, Tecnix Engineering & Architecture Ltd., Brazil
TUA02Artificial Neural Network Based Fault Location for High Impedance Grounded Power Distribution SystemE. O. Ojini, G. Yadav, Y. Liao, University of Kentucky, USA
TUA03The Copper DietW. Hartmann, GE Grid Automation, USA
TUA04Virtual Testing of Protection Systems using Digital
Twin Technology
S. Kuber, M. Sharma, Megger, USA; A. Bonetti, Megger, Sweden; C. Harispuru, Siemens, Germany; A. Soroush, Siemens, USA
TUA05Challenges and Lessons Learned Installing a Large Scale, Behind-the-Meter Microgrid at an Industrial Headquarters CampusE. Keller, K. Cummings, G&W Electric Company, USA
TUA06Merging Unit Optimization of Multi-Zone Protection in a Transit ApplicationB. Vasudevan, Hitachi Energy, USA; G. Hernandez, NJ Transit,USA; R. McMahon, PSEG, USA; B. Vandiver III, Hitachi Energy, USA
TUA07Benefits of Homogeneity in IEC 61850 networksW. Abt, B. Lappin, Meinberg USA Inc., USA
TUA08System-Based Protection Testing in Digital SubstationsG. Wilson, Southern Company, USA; E. Carvalheira, OMICRON, USA
TUA09Feeder automation communication system considerationsA. Smit, Quanta Technology, USA
TUA10Power Oscillation Detection and the Impact of Phasor Measurement TechniquesA. Madhyastha, AMETEK Power Instruments, India
TUA11Performance and scalability of Virtualized System for Centralized protection at the substationD. Samara-Rubio, Intel Corporation, USA; V. Ravindran, R. Ariya, Kalkitech India
TUA12GOOSE over cellular 4G/LTE network – lessons learned during DA system testing D. L Ro, M. Balestrieri – Southern California Edison, USA; A. Stinskiy -Siemens, USA

Wednesday Morning (WEM)

WEM01Unified Grid Monitoring, Control, and Protection PlatformE. A. Udren, R. Hunt, Quanta Technology LLC, USA; P. Myrda, EPRI, USA
WEM02Unified Grid Control Platform (UGCP)P. Myrda, EPRI, USA; H. Falk, OTB Consulting, USA
WEM03Simplified Restoration: Extending Battery Life During Station OutagesG. Callison, S. C. Billaut, A. R. Miles, Commonwealth Associates, Inc., USA
WEM04Success deployment of 6 digital substations in Vietnam 2021-22 – Return of experienceT. Nguyen Van, T. Bui Thanh, GE – Advance Information Technologies Corporation (AIT), Vietnam & USA – D.-T. Vo, H. Hoang, C.-F. Chow, C.-P. Teoh, W. Hartmann, GE Renewable Energy, Vietnam & USA
WEM05Big Data Analytics for Distribution Transformer Failure PredictionY. Sun, Oncor Electric Delivery, USA
WEM06Keeping Power and Traffic Flowing: A Look at Modernizing the Electric System of a BridgeJ. George, Uplink Consulting, USA; R. Westphal, G&W Electric Co., USA
WEM07Automating the Point-to-Point Testing of Hundreds of SubstationsN. Wallace, Cybirical, USA
WEM08Enhancing Transformer Protection Reliability with System-Based TestingS. Cooper, OMICRON, USA
WEM09Global DataSet StandardizationR. Barton, B. Smith, J. Rodriguez, Southern California Edison, USA
WEM10Roadmap for Future Utilization of Synchronized Measurements in the Distribution SystemK. D. Jones, L. Hintos, Dominion Energy, USA; D. G. Hart, J. Romero Aguero, R. Hunt, E. Udren, S. Kantra, Quanta Technology
WEM11Using Wide-Area Precise Time Distribution to Increase Dependability and Security of Substation Time SynchronizationD. Williams, Burns & McDonnell, USA; M. Elshafi, K. Fodero, C. Huntley, P. Robertson, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA
WEM12A National Power Quality IndexT. Laughner, Lifescale Analytics Inc, USA

Wednesday Afternoon (WEA)

WEA01Leveraging Multi-Object Devices to Save on Carbon FootprintA. Piatniczka, B. Vandiver III, Hitachi Energy, USA
WEA02Digital Substation with IoT – Cloud/Edge applications and their benefitsA. Stinskiy, E. de Oliveira, Siemens, USA
WEA03Reviewing the new IEEE C37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation, and Management of System Integrity Protection SchemesG. Henneberg, Y. Hu, R. Byun, F. Calero, P. Dadkhah, A. De La Quintana, R. Gokaraju, E. Jessup, V. Madani, M. Majidi, D. Miller, W. Quishpe
WEA04Innovative Experience of Busbar Protection Testing using Process Bus with Simultaneous Current Injection in All BaysL. Pio – General Electric, Brazil; J. Jorge, OMICRON, Brazil; A. Takeda – ISA CTEEP, Brazil
WEA05Lorena Digital Substation: First Fully Digital Substation of the 500/230 KV Basic Network in Brazil – Design, Architecture and TestsJ. Jesus, GE Grid Automation, UK; D. Lellys, GE Grid Automation, Brazil; F. Fontinha, ISA CTEEP, Brazil
WEA07Centralized distribution substation protection – advantages and integration aspectsA. Stinskiy, Siemens, USA
WEA08IEC 61850 Verification Using Real Time Digital Simulator Hardware-in-Loop TestingS. Pitts, Quanta Technology – FP&L, USA; : Steve Pitts, Joe Schaefer – Quanta Technology: David Hart, Juergen Holbach, Howard Self, Srinidhi Narayanan, Zheyuan Cheng
WEA09Effective Grounding for Microgrids: Challenges, Solutions, and CostsS. C. Billaut, A. R. Miles, Commonwealth Associates, Inc, USA
WEA10Operational Considerations for Substation SecurityA. Appukuttan, A. Darby, A. Varghese, GE Grid Solutions, UK
WEA11Operational Tools to Enhance Situational Awareness and Decision Making for the Electric Distribution GridT. Kennedy, Y. Sun, Oncor Electric Delivery, USA
WEA12Accelerated Transmission Line Protection for Systems with High Penetration of Inverter Based ResourcesA. Apostolov, PAC World, USA

Thursday Morning (THM)

THM01Impact Assessment of Extreme Weather Events on Power Distribution Networks: a UK Case Study on Reliability and ProtectionT. Omigbodun, L. Souto, University of Bristol, UK
THM02Voltage-Based Method for Low-Cost, Reliable Fault Isolation in Inverter-Based Microgrids (IBR)C. T. Konsavage, S. C. Billaut P.E., Commonwealth Associates, Inc, USA
THM03Testing Challenges of a Complete PAC Digital SubstationB. Vasudevan, J. Groat, B. Vandiver III, Hitachi Energy, USA
THM04How to improve the efficiency of your 61850 Substation commissioningJ. Moore, Triangle MicroWorks, USA
THM05Global Experience in Application of Traveling Wave Fault DetectionL. de Marchi Pintos, C. Pimentel – GE Renewable Energy, Brazil; G. Krefta – K Consulting, Brazil
THM06Investigating Inverter-Based Resources Impacts on the Transmission Line Protection via Hardware-in-the-loop SimulationZ. Cheng, S. Narayanan, J. Holbach, J. Stevens, Quanta Technology, LLC, USA; M. Cummings, R. Rohde, Dashiell Corporation, USA; C. Guo, N. Encarnacion, Lone Star Transmission, LLC, USA

Expert Panel Discussion will follow the morning break.