About the city of Raleigh

Founded as North Carolina’s state capital in 1792, Raleigh reaps many rewards for history lovers. Visit the State Capitol building to learn about secret rooms, ghost stories and the principles upon which the State of North Carolina was founded… while viewing George Washington in a Roman toga!

Historic Oakwood is a Victorian-style neighborhood and features an old graveyard full of once-prominent Raleigh area figures. Among several historic homes to tour is the North Carolina Executive Mansion, which was constructed entirely of materials from our state.

If you really want to taste the history of the area, stop in a local tavern and try the Cherry Bounce, an alcoholic beverage that played a key role in determining where the state’s capital would be relocated.

Raleigh, long known as one of the nicest places in America to live, is also a charming place to visit and do business. Experience our incredible climate, the intellectual pulse and wonder of the local universities and Research Triangle Park, the endless array of things to do and see, the genuinely welcoming people and you’ll agree.

Best known for its world-class museums, best of Broadway shows and live concerts, capital area historic sites, professional and amateur sporting events and shopping mecca status with 11 major retail areas, Greater Raleigh truly offers a variety of entertainment all in one park-like, scenic setting.

You can experience:

The choices, and the range of musicians, are unique and varied.

Located centrally on the East Coast, Greater Raleigh is halfway between Florida and New York City making transportation easy from the major population centers. The location is also convenient for side trips to the beautiful beaches of Wilmington or North Carolina’s Outer Banks, to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains to the west or to the “Home of American Golf” to the south in Pinehurst.


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