Photo Contest 2023

Guidelines and Rules

By submitting an entry, you agree that you are the sole creator of the entered work, and/or that you have permission to use and enter said work into the Contest. Entries may be disallowed by the Contest judges for any reason which they deem necessary. These guidelines may be subject to change by the organizers.


All attendees of the PAC World Conference, with the exception of organizers and staff shall be eligible to submit photos for each contest. Contest Judges and their immediate families are not eligible for entry in to the contest.

Rights & permissions

Picture authors grant PAC World the right to print images for display at the conference, and to be featured in PAC World printed publications.

The photographer also grants PAC World right to use the submitted pictures on the PAC World web site. Copyright and all other rights will be retained by the photographer. When used for purposes other than judging for the contest, the creator’s name will always be associated with the image.

Entries will not be made public until after the date submission deadline. After the submission deadline, entries will be shown without credits, in order not to influence judging. Full credits will be added after the Contest completes.

Sub-categories may be added by the Contest organizers, depending on the total number of entries.


Please email if you have questions about the Photo Contest. In the subject of the e-mail enter “Photo Contest”.