Initial List of accepted abstracts

(listed in no particular order)

Paper #Abstract Title
PW01Analysis of Grid-Following and Grid-Forming Inverter Models in Simulating Power Systems with Varying Short Circuit Ratios
PW02Approaches to maintain reliability during IEC 61850 process bus transient conditions
PW03Considerations to be made while evaluating a Virtual Protection Relay
PW04Achieving dynamic and adaptive behavior for protection relays in virtualized platform using IEC 61850 Setting Group
PW05Implementation of Advance Technique for Transformer Inrush Mitigation in Oil Refinery.
PW06Development and Implementation of a Control System for an Independent Phase-Controlled Capacitor
PW07Cyber Secure Smart Surveillance and Asset Monitoring Solution Based on AI for Distribution Substations
PW08Exploring IEEE Std. C37.120-2021 Guide for Protection System Redundancy for Power System Reliability
PW09Digital Substation meets Power Line Carrier
PW10Virtual & continuous closed-loop substation automation and control testbed using digital twins
PW11Introduction to IEC 61850-6-3 OCL: Machine-processable rules for validation of IEC 61850 XML-based files
PW12IEC 61850-80-5 Mapping Modbus Devices into an IEC 61850 Substation
PW13Continuous real-time data capture and analysis of IEC61850 traffic
PW14System-Wide Dynamic Protection Settings for Transmission Systems
PW15Line Protection Operate Time: Speed vs. Circuit Breaker Wear, Power System Stability and Protection Security
PW16Observed Effects of Geomatic Disturbances from Wide Area Monitoring System
PW17Smart Grid Realization with LPITs in Measurement Chains
PW18Towards GGIO-less Substation Design: Challenges and Insights
PW19Substation Automation with Merging Unit Technology
PW20Unified Grid Control Platform Requirements of Process Bus
PW21IEC 61850 project execution supporting document
PW22A Wide-Area and Wideband Synchronized Measurement System for Improved Grid Resiliency
PW23Voltage Mitigation with High Penetration of DER
PW24Implementation of a cyber-secure Privileged Access Management system for the Remote Access Management of OT Intelligent Devices
PW25Digital substation with Process Bus – a comparative review of IEC61850-9-2 and IEC 61869-9 standards
PW26Virtual environment – a comprehensive approach to testing complex protection and automation applications
PW27Inrush detection through current wave shape analysis – advanced transformer protection for power grids with IBRs
PW28Digital Substation Application Concepts for IBR Renewable Energy Plants
PW29Securing Line Current Differential on Multiplexed Communication Channels
PW30Using Time Synchronization to Improve Protection & Control Systems
PW31Why Can’t I Start My Motor? – Demystifying Motor Relay Lockouts
PW32Charging Current: Basics, Compensation Approximations, Errors, and Remediation
PW33DCCT with multiple IEC61850 logical nodes serving different substation functions
PW34How To Avoid and Mitigate A Time Jump In Digital Substation Automation
PW35Functional Security and its Applications in Digital Substations

* Paper titles may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.