Initial List of accepted abstracts

(listed in no particular order)

Paper #Paper Title
PW01Reducing transformer In rush current during energization by using Point_On_Wave Switching
PW02Enhancing Timekeeping in the Power Industry through Multi-Constellation GNSS Systems
PW03OpenFault Trace Tool – GTC Case Studies
PW04Infrared & AI Focused Asset Performance Management (APM) with IEC61850 MMS Integration
PW05Real-time In-line Testing for Virtual Protection Systems and IEC61850 Networks
PW06How to reduce IEC61850 engineering effort and time using virtual IEDs and Bays?
PW07UCAIug Update
PW08Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Grid Protection and Control
PW09Protection and Centralization in a Virtualized Environment
PW10Using Jupyter Notebooks for Acceptance Testing
PW11Optimization of Distance Protection Performance Used in Wind Farms’ Collection Networks
PW12Non-intrusive Transformer Asset Health Monitoring and Loss of Life Analysis
PW13Detection Algorithm for High Impedance Faults with Downed Conductor
PW14Accurate Multi-Ended Fault Locating Algorithm Using Incremental Sequence Quantities
PW16Case Study: Defining and Measuring Protection Signal Transfer Speed, Latency, and Reliability Within Digital Trip Circuits
PW17Complete Monitoring Solution to Improve Reliability and Performance of Digital Secondary Systems
PW18Lessons Learned From Commissioning of IEC 61850-9-2 Process Bus-Based Busbar Protection System
PW19Maintaining Precise Time for Power System Applications in the Event of Wide-Area Loss of GPS
PW20Understanding the Impact of Time Inaccuracy on Traveling-Wave Fault Locating, Synchrophasors, and Line Current Differential Protection
PW21GNSS Vulnerability and Solutions
PW22Prioritizing Information Security Risks in Grid Control Center IT and OT Systems: A Comprehensive Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
PW23Comparison of Processes for Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance Methods – Digital Versus Conventional Substations
PW24Optimized Distribution Protection & Control
PW25Comparative Analysis of the Distribution Lines Falling Conductor Protection Methods
PW26Automated Protection Engineering Process from Standards and Simulation Studies to IED Configuration
PW27Experience with IEC 61850-7-500 from the 2021/2022 UCAIug IOP
PW28Automating Transmission Line Constants Calculation for Improved Efficiency
PW29Transformer Ground Differential Element Behavior with CT Error and Analysis of a Misoperation Event
PW30New Approach to Cloud-based End-to-End testing of Line Differential Elements
PW31Practical Considerations for Testing Generator Synch Functions
PW32Power System Measurements – An Overview of Techniques & Applications
PW33Frequency tracking function in numerical protection devices – applications and benefits
PW34Designing Virtualized Protection and Control System
PW35Some Practicalities of Applying DFRs in IEC 61850 Substations
PW3615 Years, Continuing Journey Securing, and Managing Edge Devices
PW37Experiences in the commissioning of IEC61850 digital busbar protection systems
PW38Short-Circuit Model Updates in Con Edison’s Power System: Methodology, Challenges, and Lessons Learned
PW39Decongested — A deep dive into IEC 61850 impacts on managed switches
PW40Identification of non-redundant components of the Consolidated Edison Protection System for TPL-001-5
PW41LUMA Energy distribution feeder protection modernization project
PW42Communication Bandwidth Considerations for Digital Substation Applications
PW43Protection and Control Challenges of Low Voltage Networks with High Distributed Energy Resources Penetration
PW44Automated Relay Testing and Management
PW45Advancing the Unified Grid Control Platform Concept
PW46IEEE Standard C37.92-2023 – Simplified Relay Input Interfacing and Testing
PW47Using Functional Simulation to reduce risk, cost, and development time.
PW48Functional Security – a New Way To Protect the Grid
PW49Precision Timing in the Infrastructure as a Foundation for Better PAC Systems.
PW50A review of current protection testing practices
PW51LAN Design Considerations and Testing Procedures for the Digital Substation

* Paper titles may change by final submission – And final list of papers may be adjusted for changes in author schedules.